• City of Muncie Richer Than Delaware County

    The City of Muncie’s bank account is in much better shape than Delaware County’s. That’s what government records show for another year. City government has been able to maintain a healthy fund balance, while the county has struggled with its finances partly due to declining revenues. Deputy Auditor Donna Patterson says the ongoing difference between […]

  • Gov. Pence Says Indiana To Get 2100 New Jobs

    Flanked by executives of 16 companies planning expansion in Indiana yesterday, Governor Mike Pence hailed the expected creation of more than 2100 new jobs for the state. The Democrats have been quick to respond by attacking the governor‘s focus. Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane of Anderson offers appreciation for job creation but he says “the […]

  • Top U.S. Economist Says Indiana is Ahead of Other States

    A top U.S. economist is weighing in on the state of Indiana‘s economy. IHS Global Insight Chief U.S. Economist Douglas Handler told a committee of state lawmakers that economic growth in Indiana remains higher than in neighboring states. Handler says employment, personal income and real gross state product will all show slight gains in 2015. […]

  • State Senator Will Try Again To Legalize Marijuana

    State Senator Karen Tallian will try again during the upcoming legislative session to legalize marijuana. She plans to focus on legalizing the drug for people with certain medical conditions. Tallian has introduced two bills in the past that would have decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana. They both died without a hearing. She says […]

  • 3 Anderson Teens Caught After Stealing Guns Valuing $3,000

    Three Anderson teenagers have been arrested on suspicion of breaking into an Anderson gun store and stealing 10 handguns costing about 3,000 dollars. Ron Hinton, who is the manager of Gunslingers Gun shop, said surveillance tapes showed three juveniles jumping into the store after smashing the window and throwing a concrete block through a door. […]

  • Anderson Police Delay Use of Body Cameras

    The Anderson Police Department has suspended the use of body cameras purchased by individual officers until a policy is set. Police chief Larry Crenshaw said several APD officers have purchased body cameras, and the department is in the process of forming a committee to develop a policy for their use. He said police are now […]

  • Muncie Man Spits In Wife’s Face, Douses Her

    An arresting officer described a Muncie Man as “belligerent” who grabbed his wife by the neck, spit in her face, doused her with a soft drink and pushed her down. Forty-two-year-old Charles Melvin Ramsey was arrested by Delaware County sheriff’s deputies on a charge of domestic battery. He was being held on a 5,000 bond […]

  • Madison County Election Board Questions Councilman’s Actions

    The Madison County Election Board says it believes three members of councilman Ollie Dixon ‘s family have violated state election laws. The board alleges Ollie Dixon signed both the 2014 absentee ballot application and the return envelope for his daughter. Prosecutor Rodney Cummings says the Indiana State Police would be asked to conduct an investigation […]

  • Southside Middle School Makes Big Changes in Leadership

    Southside Middle School is overhauling its administration after the school failed to meet state academic standards three years in a row. Superintendent Tim Heller has named Kelli Turner as the school’s principal effective January 5. The current principal, Rebecca Thompson, is being assigned as assistant director at the Muncie Area Career Center. If the school […]

  • Anderson Realtor’s License Suspension is Extended

    The Indiana Real Estate Commission Wednesday voted to extend the suspension of Roger Shoot’s real estate broker license for another 90 days. The 62-year-old Anderson businessman was arrested in June after the Madison County Prosecutor filed multiple counts of theft and forgery against him. The state’s original lawsuit alleges that he sold houses in Anderson, […]


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